John Kagia: Chief Knowledge Officer, New Frontier Data


John Kagia is one of the most sought after cannabis industry analysts and strategists on globe. As Chief Knowledge Officer of New Frontier Data, John is a pioneering thought leader. He’s developed market leading forecasts for the growth of the industry, uncovered groundbreaking insights into the cannabis consumer, and led the first-of-its-kind analysis of global cannabis demand.

John recently shares, gathered from retail data from virtually every legal regulated state in the US, both from the medical and adult side. There’s an on average of 25 – 35 percent increase in cannabis consumer spending during it since the pandemic began and the numbers remain historically high despite a the change in employment data and federal relief. There’s a generational change in motion in the midst of a phenomenally bad economic situation.

John also shares his global perspective on medical cannabis. Europe is taking more of a pharma approach with its emerging programs and more developed markets like Germany’s, where medical cannabis is covered by is exploding.

John is a member of the Future of Medical Cannabis at the CannabizMD Cannabis Science + Therapeutics Provider Education Forum on October 3, 2020.

“With nearly 14% of the world’s population suffering from medical conditions
for which cannabis has shown therapeutic value, the potential for medical cannabis to
lower healthcare costs for patients and governments is substantial. ” – John Kagia

John Kagia CBMD Video Profile

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