The 3rd Annual CannabizMD Cannabis Science + Policy Forum: Patient Care, Policy + Emerging Trends



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The CannabizMD Cannabis Science + Policy Forum: Patient Care, Policy, and Emerging Trends is an innovative annual event for physicians, advanced practice providers, and medical cannabis industry professionals across the U.S. The roundtable discussions focus on the science and therapeutic use of medical cannabis and regulatory issues relevant to clinical practice, research, and cannabis industry professionals with a final discussion on emerging trends and innovation in medical cannabis. 

The 2022 CannabizMD Cannabis Science + Policy Forum was a unique hybrid event was hosted at the University of Maryland BioPark in Baltimore City; virtual attendees joined via Zoom. Cannabis Specialist Dr. Jordan Tishler delivered the keynote, “Medical Cannabis Policy, Politics and Patient Care.” Dr. Tishler’s insightful keynote was followed by three roundtable discussions.

CannabizMD Cannabis Science + Policy Forum Roundtables:

Roundtable A: Clinical + Scientific Use of Medical Cannabis
Experts discussed current evidence-based science as it relates to medical cannabis including interactions with the endocannabinoid system, clinical pharmacology, dosing, delivery, and therapeutics in integrative care.

Roundtable B: Regulatory Considerations for Clinical Practice + Research

Healthcare providers, researchers, and industry professionals in the U.S. are uniquely challenged by how to navigate federal and unique state regulations, public policy, and the impact on public health as medical cannabis programs expand. Roundtable members discussed the complex regulatory landscape.

Roundtable C: Innovation and Emerging Trends
This roundtable examines the intersection of the cannabis industry, traditional healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, and technology. The discussion included guidance on approaches to multidisciplinary collaboration and the practical application of translational research models to advance cannabis science and quality patient care.

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Following the Forum, CannabizMD’s sister social enterprise Tea Pad was hosted at the same location from 6 pm – 9 pm EST with the “live jazz, good eats, plentiful libations, and provocative conversation” every Tea Pad is known for. For more on Tea Pad and photos from the September 24, 2022 Tea Pad, visit the Tea Pad website. The Tea Pad Foundation is raising funds for the Tea Pad Fellowship Program, focused on advancing women and people of color in cannabis STEM (science, technology, engineering, and medicine).


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