CannabizMD (CBMD) was founded by Jacquie Cohen Roth who had a vision in 2017 to create a unique ecosystem supporting Maryland’s nascent medical cannabis industry.  The mission of CBMD is to educate, build and engage the ecosystem that serves core functions for the industry’s growth and sustainability via exchange of ideas and innovation.

The ecosystem includes the three industry verticals (growers, processors and dispensaries); providers; regulators; ancillary service providers and policy influencers.  Via the ecosystem members’ collective efforts, Maryland’s medical cannabis industry will become a model for medical cannabis markets across the country.

The values of CBMD reflect a desire to to support the vision, culture and company values of the CBMD ecosystem members. Tikkun olam is a Hebrew concept which literally means “repair of the world”. This inspires the CBMD team to behave and act constructively and beneficially for society, create passion, transparency, teamwork, accountability, determination and a strong willingness to evolve.

Meet the CBMD Team

Jacquie Cohen Roth: Founder/CEO

Jacquie is driven by her commitment to health and wellness with a vision for strategic opportunity combining social justice with economic opportunity. She’s inspired to build an ecosystem supporting Maryland’s nascent medical cannabis industry focused on clinical education and industry best practices. Jacquie has been an advocate for incorporating medical cannabis as a viable clinical treatment for several years.

She has over 25 years of broad expertise in healthcare and public policy. Jacquie was founding publisher and executive editor of a renown regional physician and healthcare stakeholder multimedia platform. She also developed physician engagement and healthcare consumer education pieces for many of Maryland’s major healthcare systems and enterprises.

Jacquie has been recognized for her professional achievements and as a community leader as part of Leadership Maryland Class of 2018. Jacquie has an active commitment to the wellness of the Chesapeake Bay and its citizens. She is a registered Maryland medical cannabis patient who has found relief from incorporating medical cannabis treating chronic pain sustained from injuries from her lifelong pursuit of competitive athletics and active lifestyle.

Jacquie is a MSc candidate in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. She earned a double B.A. in Economics and Policy Studies with a Minor in International Political Economics from The Maxwell School of Syracuse University.

Susan Walker: Managing Editor and Copy Chief

Susan WalkerSusan leads the team in charge of content contributors and copy editing. She is responsible for developing story ideas, managing the writing team, and making sure that all CannabizMD content adheres to CannabizMD editorial standards. She is also a content contributor for the site.

Susan is an experienced, creative writer, editor, and project manager with over 30 years’ experience. She has worked in a wide range of marketing and communications positions, from ad agency copywriter and non-profit marketing associate to senior corporate communications writer and manager and freelancer. She has a wealth of experience working with clients in healthcare, producing marketing and communications materials and web content.

Susan graduated cum laude from Vassar College with a B.A. in English and earned a M.A./M.F. A from Syracuse University.

Kim Van Dyke: Creative Director 

Kim Van DykeKim helps manage the creative team working with photographers, designers, vendors and all those working on the creative aspects of CannabizMD projects.

Kim is an award-winning graphic designer. She’s received innumerable national to international industry awards for her work. Kim’s skills have special emphasis and expertise in magazine design, conceptual design and typography. Kim is active with conservancy organizations as well pet rescue organizations.

Kim received a B.S. in Advertising from University of Maryland and a M.A. in Publication Design for University of Baltimore.