CannabizMD Clinical Webinars

CannabizMD Founder/CEO Jacquie Cohen Roth, MS hosts medical cannabis clinicians, scientists and researchers on roundtable discussions centered on a central theme of disease states, disorders and symptoms for which medical cannabis demonstrates clinical value and the relevant research.

Women’s Sexual Health: Medical Cannabis Clinical Applications + Therapeutics

A woman's sexual health is an integral part of her well-being. There are several factors that impact sexual health including stress, anxiety, depression, pelvic...

Neurologic Disorders: Medical Cannabis Clinical Applications + Therapeutics January, 2021

Each US state has its list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis and at least one neurologic condition is on each state's list. These...

Chronic Pain: Medical Cannabis Clinical Application + Research November 16, 2020

More than 20% of the world's population suffers from chronic pain. It's the #1 reason medical cannabis is recommended by medical cannabis providers in...