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We welcome opportunities for collaboration and partnering with like-minded medical cannabis professionals and ancillary service providers. CannabizMD is a B2B medical cannabis science and policy education platform, empowering industry professionals to deliver quality patient care and client services. With burgeoning U.S. and global markets on the cusp of legalizing medical cannabis at an increasing pace, cannabis science and policy education need to adapt to encompass a paradigm for quality patient care.

Partnering with CannabizMD provides key audience lead generation, leveraging a positive association with CannabizMD and sponsoring partners. Position your company or ancillary professional service to the medical cannabis industry as a thought leader. We offer a variety of ways to partner including:

  • Digital Advertising: A digital campaign delivers a global medical cannabis industry audience with a lower entry point with a significant positive impact for your marketing dollars.
  • White Paper Sponsorship: Sponsored content positions your company or service as am authoritative and knowledgeable voice in the cannabis industry. We offer content creation services delivered by uniquely qualified cannabis science and technology writers.
  • CannabizMD Webinars: Our webinars bring together leading global medical cannabis experts for roundtable discussions centered on therapeutic applications of medical cannabis, regulatory considerations for clinicians, scientists and entrepreneurs along with innovations in cannabis technology.
  • CannabizMD Forums: Our Cannabis Science + Policy Forums are innovative resources for all healthcare providers and medical cannabis industry professionals in the U.S. and global medical cannabis markets. Roundtable discussions focus on the scientific and therapeutic use of medical cannabis along with regulatory issues relevant to both clinical practice and research with a final discussion on innovations in cannabis technology.
  • eNews Sponsorship: CannabizMD connects with its audience regularly via an email campaign. CannabizMD’s email open rate is well above industry average.
  • Contact us for consulting services and customized education programs with Foundations in Cannabis Science and Policy to grow your knowledge and your company’s success.
  • Download the CannabizMD Media Kit for an introduction to our partnering and digital advertising opportunities.

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