Michelle L. Shuffett, MD: Insightful Educator + Communicator


Michelle L. Shuffett, MD, is an accomplished healthcare executive, strategist, speaker, and wellness enthusiast with 20+ years of experience encompassing a unique blend of medical practice, communications, and leadership. She strives to share modern perspectives on cannabis and improve understanding of the medical cannabis industry.

“As the science around medical cannabis continues to evolve, it’s incredibly important to gather experts
together to share modern perspectives and insights.”

During our video, she shares her insights on the very critical need for cannabis science education for all physicians and healthcare providers. Dr. Shuffett recently presented research she participated in with Columbia Care, an expansive global cannabis company, which looked the role metabolism plays in medical cannabis dosing. She shares the hypothesis behind that research which lends insightful into establishing medical cannabis dosing guidelines.

Dr. Shuffett is joining the CannabizMD Cannabis Science + Therapeutics Provider Education Forum on October 3rd, 2020. She’ll be moderating a roundtable discussion exploring the clinical and scientific us of medical cannabis.

Michelle Shuffett, MD CBMD Video Profile

CBMD Video Profile: Michelle Shuffett, MD

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