Gia Morón: Leading by Creating Access to Education + Resources in the Cannabis Industry


Gia Morón has an interesting background prior to her pivot to the cannabis industry where she helps lead the largest professional network in the industry for women, Women Grow.

After a professional background including working for Goldman Sachs leading , the most venerable investment and banking firm on the planet, Gia founded GVM Communications, Inc., a public relations, brand and business development consulting firm. As an entrepreneur reviewing the cannabis industry and seeing how the plant can make a powerful difference in so many lives, she saw an opportunity to be part of the blueprint of the burgeoning cannabis industry.

“We are all patients of this incredible plant. I’ve witnessed in real time the positive effect it has had on patients including myself.”

Gia joined Women Grow in 2017 as Director of Communications and now leads the organization as president. As president of Women Grow, Gia is focused on creating access to education and resources of all kinds for all people – not just women – who are looking to start plant-touching businesses, ancillary service businesses or land a job within the cannabis industry.

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