Patricia C. Frye, M.D.: Pioneering Medical Cannabis Physician, Author + Professor


Dr. Patricia Frye is an independent physician consultant who sees the value of cannabis and cannabinoid medication and the role they play in homeostasis and the management of pain and chronic disease. After almost retiring in 2015, she was invited to launch a telemedicine-based practice as a cannabis physician. Jump to 2020 and Dr. Frye is an internationally recognized physician, author and professor in cannabis science.

During her medical school and fellowship training, the endocannabinoid system was never mentioned so she dove into self-taught cannabis science education. Medical cannabis wasn’t available to patients in Maryland until late 2018 leading Dr. Frye to treat patients with hemp-derived cannabis as well as prescribing dronabinol, a synthetic THC drug, for specific patients. Now with medical cannabis products readily available to her Maryland-based patientsDr. Frye has a robust alternative-therapy focused practice where she successfully treats hundreds of patients with medical cannabis from infants to geriatric patients with great success.

Mankind has had a relationship with this plant for at least 12,000 years. With 5,000 years of documented use as a medicine for a myriad of chronic conditions, and the scientific evidence that we now have, this pharmacy in a flower should be available to everyone.

Dr. Frye has a keen interest in neurologic disorders including autism. She’ll be joined by fellow cannabis physicians and researchers Ethan Russo, M.D. and Bonni Goldstein, M.D. on January 7, 2021 for CannabizMD webinar “Neurologic Disorders: Medical Cannabis Clinical Application + Research” when they’ll be sharing their insights treating their respective patients neurologic disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and autism with medical cannabis and will discuss respective research.

Dr. Frye is Affiliate Associate Professor University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Cannabis Science and Therapeutics; Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatrics, Board Eligible in Obesity Medicine; Board of Directors – Society of Cannabis Clinicians, Certified in Cannabis Science and Medicine by the University of Vermont, Larner School of Medicine; Co-Chair Maryland Medical Society’s Cannabis Task Force.

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