Relief from Lupus


Linda Biggs has found relief from a range of health issues including lupus, the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury, and breathing problems by medicating with several forms of cannabis.

Cannabis has kept me vertical. I have had lupus erythematosus multiforme major for about 23 years. I’ve also had Lyme disease at least three times, first time back in about 1988. These diseases have given me a gazillion symptoms and years of up and down health problems, including severe food allergies that limit me to a short list of safe foods, asthma, and chronic breathing problem.

In 2012, I was in a horrific accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I went to speech and cognitive therapy for almost two years and had to relearn life totally over again. Life was horrifying–the deep, constant bone-aching pain, full body inflammation, migraines, vertigo, total confusion, tripping that made it so I could barely walk. I was debilitated to the point of suicide. Pain and sickness had destroyed my life. I no longer saw the point in fighting.

Then in 2015, I started making cannabutter (butter infused with cannabis), with grey market cannabis and it started helping. I decided to step it up and got my medical cannabis card. My pain level is wicked and takes much daily use to keep it at bay.  I also use Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) daily and it helps keep the pain at a minimum. I still have daily pain and migraines, but I am high functioning and have never really experienced a mental high from any of my cannabis use.

I do not use any pharmaceutical medications unless I have a cross contamination food allergy issue. Then I use prednisone and Benadryl. I also carry an EpiPen in case of emergencies.

Using the RSO, many of my lupus symptoms are gone and much internal healing has definitely occurred. Even though today is a high pain day, I am still able to work and do what needs to get done. If this were five years ago, I would be in a bed for days trying to ride out the flare up.

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