Legal Considerations for Doctors Interested in Recommending Medical Cannabis

Traditional doctors in Maryland are finding that an increasing number of patients are asking for their advice on whether medical cannabis is a good treatment for...
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Cryptocurrency: A Solution for the Cannabis Industry?

Joshua Radbod, a D.C.-based attorney and entrepreneur, is Co-founder/CEO of Avantpay. CannabizMD went to Josh to explore cryptocurrency as the solution for the complex...
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Safely Bringing Cannabis Edibles to Market in Maryland

The medical cannabis edibles market is experiencing unprecedented growth across the globe, including in other states besides Maryland where cannabis has been legal for...
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A Starting Dose: The Nation’s First Master’s Program in Medical Cannabis

CannabizMD Founder/CEO Jacquie Cohen Roth sat down with Natalie D. Eddington, PhD, FAAPS, FCP, and Professor Executive Director of University Regional Partnerships at the...
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Is CBD Efficacious?

The consumption of cannabidiol (CBD) products is at an all-time high. Because of the legal status of CBD and its lack of mind-altering effects,...