Monica Vialpando, PhD: Founder/CEO of Via innovations


Monica Vialpando, PhD, Founder/CEO of Via Innovations, is an internationally recognized leader in scientific product formulation, development and vaping both in the cannabis and tobacco industries. Via is focused on the coalescence of pharmaceutical product development technologies with the holistic plant based wellness. Dr. Vialpando holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has over a decade of inhalation product development experience across the pharmaceutical, nicotine and cannabis in the USA and Europe, working on dry powder inhalers, metered dose inhalers, nebulizers and vape products. She was directly involved in the implementation of standards for e-cigarettes in the EU and has collaborated with the University of Manchester on emission testing from vape products. She is an adjunct professor at Loyalist College, Canada, 2019 recipient of the ElSohly Award from CANN, a subdivision of the American Chemical Society for her work in cannabis research and listed as 2020 ‘Top 100 Healthcare Leaders’ from the International Forum in Advancements in Healthcare. 

Dr. Vialpando and Jacquie Cohen Roth, MS, CannabizMD Founder/CEO, had a provocative conversation on the need for standardized manufacturing practices in the cannabis industry, a few of Via’s current formulation projects and those specific to women’s health. Since sharing the stage at a medical cannabis conference in Malta in 2019, they become friends and share a passion for ensuring safe and quality products in the medical cannabis industry. Dr. Vialpando joins The CannabizMD Cannabis Science + Therapeutics Provider Education Forum as a member of the roundtable: The Future of Medical Cannabis, October 3, 2020.

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