Consider CBD to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy


You want the best for your dog. He’s your buddy and a valued family member who provides unconditional love.  Because of this, you may want to take advantage of the health benefits cannabidiol (CBD) products can provide to canines.

CBD products formulated specifically for dogs are gaining popularity throughout the United States. Thanks to the 2018 , access to CBD-rich hemp products is completely legal for U.S. citizens as well as their dogs. There is compelling evidence that CBD products can provide relief for a variety of physical and mental health conditions. Like humans, dogs have endocannabinoid systems with cannabinoid receptors. Because of this, they may benefit from CBD just as much as their owners.

The CBD market is one of the fastest-growing segments in the cannabis industry. CBD stores and businesses, both brick-and-mortar and online, are opening at an unprecedented rate. So you’re sure to find a variety of products that address the needs of both humans and dogs.

Methods of Administering Canine CBD

CBD for canines is often administered as an oil or an oil capsule. There are also liver-flavored products and other CBD-infused treats that make them palatable for dogs. The simplest option, however, is to simply administer CBD oil in drops. Dogs do not resist it like pills, which owners sometimes must hide in food items. Two or three drops (depending on dog size and weight) are all that’s necessary.

When choosing the best CBD oil for dogs, there are two choices: oil created from isolate extraction methods and oil from full-spectrum extraction. Many believe that full-spectrum extraction is better because the resulting oil contains the full range of cannabis compounds and harnesses the benefits of the “entourage effect.” Simply defined, the entourage effect is the synergies, interactions, and complex relationships between cannabis compounds—particularly CBD and terpenes—resulting in an effect that is seemingly more than the sum of its parts. Some compounds promote the strength of others, making them stronger.

Stress and Anxiety

Like humans, dogs experience stressful situations in daily life. Separation anxiety is a common condition for canines. Because dogs are unable to understand that their owners’ absence is temporary, the panic and anxiety they experience can result in destructive behavior and general neurosis.

Treating dogs afflicted with separation anxiety or other stressors, like fireworks or thunderstorms, with canine CBD treatments has met with positive results. Dog owners report effective stress solutions by treating their pets with CBD when other methods have failed or have been only partially successful.

Arthritis and Joint Inflammation

Unfortunately, when our canine companions grow old, arthritis and stiff joints become common ailments. Treating them with CBD will very likely help. When senior dogs rise from their beds more slowly and have difficulty walking up and down stairs, arthritis is the likely cause. Playful activity and overall mobility wanes without something to address the problem.

If more standard arthritis treatments like glucosamine fail to provide adequate relief for your dog’s joint pain, CBD may be the alternative that does the trick and relieves joint inflammation and stiffness. You may observe a noticeable improvement in your dog’s mobility and disposition soon after beginning treatment.

Pain Relief

One of the most beneficial uses for CBD treatment with dogs—as well as humans—is its effectiveness as an analgesic. Prescribing opioids for pain relief has led to our country’s current opioid crisis, so surely there must be a better way to treat pain. The best answer may very well be CBD. There is ample evidence that it works well for relieving pain for dogs as well.

Like humans, dogs require pain relief at various points in their lives, so the fact that natural CBD can provide this relief and is both effective and harmless makes it a great alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Unlike many canine painkillers—which includes opiates—clinical research indicates that canine side effects relating to CBD use is minimal compared to those from other drugs.

With the body of evidence supporting the benefits of CBD for pain and anxiety relief in dogs, you may want to have a candid discussion with your pet’s veterinarian. Assuming the vet is progressive and has an open mind about the health benefits of CBD, you may find that it’s the best course of action for treatment—or, at the very least, an important part of that treatment. After all, we all want our canine companions to live happy, healthy, pain-free lives.  

Disclaimer: Before beginning a CBD regimen to address a condition with your dog, please consult a veterinarian who is familiar with CBD to discuss the benefits and any possible risks. Your dog is one of your most faithful friends and a valued member of your family. You want the very best for your canine buddy, so advice from a veterinarian should be your first step.

Note from Jacquie Cohen Roth, MS, CannabizMD Founder/CEO: This post was written by my friend and cannabis industry professional Phil Samuelson. Sadly, Phil passed not long after writing this for us. He was a communications, marketing, and publishing professional with a long history in the cannabis space. He had an active involvement in industry best practices and business development. He had a passion for his dogs and a deep love for his wife. He is missed.

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