Samoon Ahmad, M.D.: Clinical Professor of Psychiatry + Medical Cannabis Author


A practicing physician for over 20 years, Dr. Ahmad has dedicated his professional life to helping individuals find balance in their mental and physical wellbeing. He is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, serves as the Unit Chief of the Inpatient Unit at Bellevue Hospital, and is co-author of “Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook”.

For several years, Dr. Ahmad has been recommending CBD (cannabidiol) to his patients, particularly because he sees so many patients with anxiety disorders in his practice. He shares his expertise and experience with risk-benefit analysis in assessing patients with predisposing conditions that may exacerbate or put them at a higher risk of developing any severe, persistent mental illness, particularly psychotic disorders, as well as looking at potential drug-drug interactions with medical cannabis as a treatment option.

“…We as clinicians, in fact, have to take responsibility for it [education]. If we don’t, how are we going to educate our patients who look to us?”

Dr. Ahmad shares his clinical expertise as a member of the roundtable discussion “The Clinical + Scientific Use of Medical Cannabis” during the 2021 CannabizMD Cannabis Science + Therapeutic Provider Education Forum, September 25, 2021.

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