Ruth Fisher, PhD: Cannabis Industry Researcher + Advocate


Ruth Fisher, PhD was a non-believer of the benefits of medical cannabis until the positive experience her brother had treating severe neuropathic pain he felt from MS. She dove in to understand how the cannabis plant had such an impact in treating her brother’s disease symptoms.

Dr. Fisher’s career has been focused on medical research and with little information available on cannabis science and its health benefits, she applied her research expertise and dove into cannabis.

“What’s amazing to me is all the ingenuity that’s addressing the shortcomings of the (cannabis) industry. And so, it’s human ingenuity … they’re doing a really fantastic job of addressing the flaws and making cannabis as close
to a traditional medicine as possible.”

That research led to co-authoring a book with her brother for medical cannabis patients, The Medical Cannabis Primer. They’re also collaborating on CannDynamics, an online cannabis education platform. Dr. Fisher has continued her focus on topics specific to the cannabis industry including modeling market dynamics, behavioral economics, technology adoptions and ecosystem dynamics.

CannabizMD Founder/CEO Jacquie Cohen Roth, MS and Dr. Fisher talk about the intersection of political economies and the cannabis industry along with the future of the medical cannabis industry as the legal cannabis adult-use industry grows.

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