Rabbi James Kahn: Shaping the Cannabis Industry with Social Justice


James Kahn is an ordained rabbi and the National Director of Community Outreach for Holistic Industries, one of the nation’s largest, privately held cannabis companies.  At Holistic, Rabbi James heads Liberty Cannabis Cares, the Company’s corporate responsibility platform which primarily focused on issues related to social equity, diversity, community engagement and cannabis literacy.

Rabbi Kahn’s connection with cannabis goes back to his grandfather, a rabbi, who had an advanced case of MS. Cannabis was the medicine which finally gave his grandfather relief.  That experience led to his family founding what is now the largest operating medical cannabis dispensary in DC in 2011.

There’s an incredibly painful place the racist drug laws hold of at least the last century in the cannabis industry. As Rabbi James said, we have this opportunity now to shape an industry while it’s still early and to ensure that we take seriously our past and to make sure that it does not become our future.

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