Jordan Tishler, M.D.: VA Emergency Doc to Cannabinoid Specialist


Fifteen years ago, Dr. Jordan Tishler was working in the emergency room at the Veterans Administration in Massachusetts. As he recounts in a CannabizMD Profile, his stories of what he saw and treated are mind-blowing including a lot of complications from substance abuse-related issues. At that time, conversations about the legalization of medical cannabis in Massachusetts had begun. He’d been trained that cannabis was a harmful drug. If it’s so harmful, he considered, why wasn’t he seeing disastrous patient outcomes related to cannabis in his emergency room? 

Forward to 2022 when Dr. TIshler is now a Cannabinoid Specialist with a private practice where he treats patients with cannabinoid therapies. He’s also founded the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists and has put together a rotation for later medical students at Harvard Medical School where he’s an adjunct professor. 

 “Cannabinoid medicines are a game changer for most of my patients, shifting them from ‘end of their rope’ back to a meaningful quality of life. When carefully prescribed and monitored, cannabinoids are safe and effective for a wide range of illnesses not well addressed by conventional medications.”

Jordan Tishler, M.D.

Dr. Tishler is the keynote speaker at the 3rd Annual CannabizMD Cannabis Science + Policy Forum on September 24th, 2022. The Forum is a hybrid event hosted in-person at the University of Maryland BioPark in Baltimore, Maryland, and virtually on Zoom.

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