CannabizMD Profiles introduce you to the scientists, regulators, researchers, entrepreneurs and policy influencers who are shaping the now and future of the medical cannabis industry across the US and the international markets.

Delegate Cheryl Glenn and Jacquie Cohen Roth

Medical Cannabis Legislative Pioneer: Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn

Late this summer, I spoke with Maryland General Assembly Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn (D-45) who shared her thoughts on the evolving medical...
Ed Weidenfeld

A Changed Opinion on Cannabis: Ed Weidenfeld

Ed Weidenfeld, a prominent D.C. lawyer, former general counsel for Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign, and advisor to five other presidents, is the...
Dakota Sigler

A Growing Passion for Cultivating Medical Cannabis: Dakota Sigler

Dakota Sigler is the propagation manager at Green Leaf Medical, LLC (gLeaf). The company operates a 45,000 square foot cultivation facility in...

From Patient to Advocate: Julia Ruiz

Julia Ruiz is a marketing executive at Majix Enterprises, LLC, a managerial and consulting services company that provides services to the legal,...

Advocating for the Science Behind Medical Cannabis: Interview with Josh Crossney

Josh Crossney is the President & Founder of jCanna, Inc., a Maryland based 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on the advancement of cannabis...