CannabizMD: Cooking with Cannabis

CannabizMD Cooking with Cannabis events, virtual and live, are educational, fun and inspiring for the at-home medical cannabis chef. The events are focused on learning how to cook safely and healthily with a variety of cannabis products and ingredients for optimal medicinal value and healthy living. Cooking techniques and tips are sprinkled with basic and valuable cannabis science.

Cooking with Jacquie + Chef Jazz
June 4 – June 25, 2020
Hosted over four nights, an online series on cooking with cannabis techniques, tips and basic cannabis science including dosing guidelines with live cooking demonstrations for the medical cannabis patient and caregiver.

Cooking with Cannabis: It’s Time for Super Bowl!
Hosted January 2019 in a commercial teaching kitchen festive and ready for Super Bowl entertaining, the event focused on traditional game day eats infused for medicinal benefit.

Cooking with Cannabis 101
Hosted October 2019 in a commercial teaching kitchen, guests learned decarboxlylation techniques for cooking with flower as well as how to cook with cannabis oil.