CannabizMD Profiles

CannabizMD Profiles introduce you to the scientists, regulators, researchers, entrepreneurs and policy influencers who are shaping the now and future of the medical cannabis industry across the US and the international markets.

Sandra Carrillo, M.D., MSHM: A Force in Medical Cannabis Physician Education + The Global...

Dr. Sandra Carrillo is a leading international medical cannabinoid specialist with a clinical practice in Colombia, a country well known for its place in...

Paloma Lehfeldt, M.D., MS: Lifelong Cannabis Advocate, Leading Educator + Diversity Influencer

Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt is a lifelong cannabis advocate who serves as the director of Medical Education for Vireo Health, a physician-founded and leading US...

Rachel Knox, M.D., MBA: Endocannabinologist + Fierce Advocate

Rachel Knox, MD, MBA is a certified Cannabinoid Medicine specialist and Clinical Endocannabinologist with a background in Family, Integrative, and Functional Medicine. Dr....

Mike Hennessy: Leading Innovations at Wana Brands

Mike Hennesy leads innovation at the largest US-based cannabis edibles country with focus on solutions to the challenges to dosing and optimization of the therapeutic effects of cannabis.

John Kagia: Chief Knowledge Officer, New Frontier Data

John Kagia is one of the most sought after cannabis industry analysts and strategists on globe. As Chief Knowledge Officer of New Frontier Data,...