The True Measure of Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Industry Success

An industry standard and conservative predictive analytic measure for a medical cannabis patient population in the respective market is 1% of the...

The Critical Need for FDA Approved Cannabis Clinical Research

The following is in response to a reply of my LinkedIn post of January 24, 2018 in which I shared the Washington Post article,...

Did the 2018 Maryland Legislative Session Miss the Tanker?

Lawmakers in some states have and are turning to cannabis to fight opioid abuse. Studies demonstrate that states in...

Myth buster: Medical cannabis is not an effective option for non-cancer pain

It's estimated that chronic pain affects 20% of the world's population. It's a myth that medical cannabis is not an effective therapy. It's just not true.

The Rich History of Social Enterprise Tea Pad

The “tea pad” is part of a very rich history of cannabis (marijuana) in the African American community and the jazz scene...