Myth buster: Medical cannabis is not an effective option for non-cancer pain

It's estimated that chronic pain affects 20% of the world's population. It's a myth that medical cannabis is not an effective therapy. It's just not true.

Civil Rights + Synchronicity in the Cannabis Industry

What’s remarkable about Darryl is during the time of civil unrest on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, 57 miles away he was determined to break down racial barriers in college sports in Annapolis, Maryland at the US Naval Academy and then at the University of Maryland.

The Rich History of Social Enterprise Tea Pad

The “tea pad” is part of a very rich history of cannabis (marijuana) in the African American community and the jazz scene...

The Greatest Cure for Grief

In Judaism, there’s a tradition to light a memorial candle on the eve of a loved one’s anniversary of death - a yahrzeit candle....

Educate = End the Stigma

Last night, I received an emailed response to an invitation I sent for CannabizMD: Cannabis + Innovation and the launch of Tea Pad. The email...