Women’s Sexual Health: Medical Cannabis Clinical Applications + Therapeutics


A woman’s sexual health is an integral part of her well-being. There are several factors that impact sexual health including stress, anxiety, depression, pelvic pain, chronic pain, aging, and medications. Scientific research focused on cannabis demonstrates that cannabis is beneficial to treat each of these factors, directly and indirectly benefiting a woman’s sexual health.

CannabizMD Founder/CEO Jacquie Cohen Roth, MS, hosted a lively and informative roundtable discussion with leading medical cannabis experts Dr. Leslie Apgar, Dr. Genester Wilson-King and Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt on treating women’s sexual health with medical cannabis and the relevant research. The cannabis clinicians shared their clinical experience using medical cannabis in treating women of all ages and share insights on medical cannabis research focused on women’s sexual health. 

Genester Wilson-King, M.D.

Genester Wilson-King, M.D., FAOCG
Co-Founder Medical Director Victory Rejuvenation Center, Board of Directors of Society of Cannabis Clinicians

Dr. Wilson-King is a Board-Certified obstetrician and gynecologist with over 25 years of experience providing compassionate and research-driven care to patients. She is a Certified Preventive Medicine Specialist and an expert in bioidentical hormone therapy associated with World Link Medical. Dr. Wilson-King is a clinician advocate and educator on medical cannabis.

Dr. Wilson-King is the author of two clinical training modules for physicians and co-author of two cannabis-related articles published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. She is Co-Vice President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and on the Board of Doctors for Cannabis Regulation.

Paloma Lehfeldt, M.D.

Paloma Lehfeldt, M.D., MA
Director of Education at Vireo Health, Inc

Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt is a lifelong cannabis student and advocate who serves as the Director of Medical Education for Vireo Health. She brings to Vireo more than ten years of experience in psychiatric research, community outreach, and teaching. She has expertise in neuroscience with a keen interest in mental health and the endocannabinoid system.

Dr. Lehfeldt’s interest in cannabis as medicine is a direct result of working with patients and research participants unable to control chronic pain and their subsequent opioid dependence. Dr. Lehfeldt is also the co-chair of Vireo Health’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council where she recently led an expungement clinic in her home state of Maryland. She is passionate about the use of cannabis as medicine and cannabis health equity and looks forward to advocating its healing properties throughout her career. Dr. Lehfeldt currently serves on the National Cannabis Industry Association’s scientific advisory committee.

Leslie Apgar, M.D.

Leslie Apgar, M.D., FAOCG
Founder/Medical Director at Pura Vida Med Spa | Medical Director at Greenhouse Wellness | Co-Founder at Blissiva

Dr. Apgar has been Board-Certified OB/GYN since 2002 with over 17 years of experience in direct patient care, and routinely counsels patients and sees the various, sometimes devastating conditions, which can cause the need for alternative therapies. A skilled minimally invasive surgeon, she has been on numerous hospital committees helping to educate, and train new surgeons and students, change policies and embrace emerging technologies. Dr. Apgar is the Medical Director of Greenhouse Wellness, licensed medical cannabis dispensaries in Maryland and New Jersey. She is co-founder of Blissiva, a line of cannabis-infused products that was specifically formulated to interface with the unique anatomy of the female body.

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