Cannabis 2023 Legislative Landscape: Lessons Learned + Looking Forward


2022 was a dynamic year for cannabis industry policy with significant action on both the federal and state levels. Three leading U.S. cannabis policy and law experts, Kay Doyle, Kristine Blackwood, and Lauren Niehaus, joined CannabizMD Founder/CEO Jacquie Cohen Roth on a webinar sharing their insights lessons on 2022 and how the cannabis industry will move forward in 2023.  Collectively, the cannabis industry is operating in a unique regulatory framework with being federally illegal with U.S. states and territories leading the way as laboratories for creating sound policies and regulations.

President Joe Biden released the White House approach to federal marijuana (cannabis) reform in October 2022 and the first stand-alone cannabis bill became law in December 2022. New state medical cannabis programs came online and adult use was legalized in two states via ballot initiatives while three states’ legalization initiatives failed. The webinar discussion delivers tremendous insights on:

  • what’s best for the cannabis industry in terms of rescheduling or descheduling
  • the respective effect of both on the existing cannabis industry
  • the best DEA schedule for cannabis
  • the impact of the Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act
  • the cannabis industry champions for the 118th Congressional session  
  • Congressional action on cannabis on SAFE banking
  • protections for patients in adult use markets
  • strategies for advocacy

Tune in the webinar recording via the link below.

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