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Formulation Considerations for Asthma Treatment with CBD MDI

CBD delivered by a MDI is an efficacious treatment for asthma. Formulation for the product requires specific considerations.

Chronic Pain: Transdermal Cannabinoid v Opioid Therapy

Pain control is the most common use for medical cannabis in the United States. While cannabis isn’t strong enough for severe pain, e.g. post-surgical pain or...

The Future of Medical Cannabis Includes Pharma

The future of medical cannabis is quite promising yet requires the leveraging of best practices and knowledge assets of the following industries: cannabis, technology,...
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Is CBD Efficacious?

The consumption of cannabidiol (CBD) products is at an all-time high. Because of the legal status of CBD and its lack of mind-altering effects,...

Consider CBD to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

You want the best for your dog. He’s your buddy and a valued family member who provides unconditional love.  Because of this, you may...